Birdman has started off 2018 making headlines for some good things, and some entirely negative stuff. The rapper and entrepreneur recently confirmed his engagement to Toni Braxton and announced the release of "The Cash Money Story" documentary. That's about it for the good news. He also took an L on his $200K Super Bowl bet with AR-Ab and now, there's more news of him being difficult to work with on the business side of things. There have been several allegations made against Birdman, claiming that he does not pay people appropriately for their services, and J Prince concurs, bringing back the fact that his son Jas Prince still has not been compensated for bringing Drake to Cash Money.

With Drake blowing up and becoming one of the most relevant rappers today, he is worth a fortune and Jas Prince deserves to see some of that cash for discovering him and bringing his talents to Birdman's label. An official Instagram account for J Prince posted the following video with a caption that does not hold back, saying, "I’ve never been a man to use the word 'Family' loosely because I believe life and death is in the power of the tongue. I also walk in great respect for the universal laws, one being cause and effect, simply meaning you reap what you sow. With that being said, I say to this man they call '@Birdman5star' don’t forget you have children and I know you wouldn't want them to reap the seeds you have sewn by doing bad business."

Will Jas Prince ever see his cut of the Drake money, or is Birdman really just going to continue putting it off? Check out the video below and let us know what you think.