The "King of R&B" debate has roped in multiple commenters, many of which actually have a stake in claiming the title. J. Holiday came through with a message "from one r&B singer to the rest of y'all motherf*ckers," claiming that his words were coming from the heart: "That bullsh*t that man said, there’s three kings of R&B. The first one sold 20 million on his first album. The second king of R&B is from Chicago"

Seconds into his rant, a woman walked up to J. asking him if he was a valet person. He paused to respond to her: “I'm not valet, baby. Not with a Gucci jacket on. I'm not valet." He continued his speech saying, "And the third one is from Tappahannock. Four and five right here.”He pointing to himself and some random guy to clarify that last phrase.

Holiday decided to upload the video despite the interruption, a choice that led to some good ole roasting on social media. A supposed king being mistaken for a valet while boasting of his royalty, propped up by his expertise on what it takes to be number 1, provided much ammunition for social media users to pick apart. Peep some of the responses below.