The world may have lost J Dilla 14 years ago, but his name is at the center of a recently filed lawsuit. Three days after releasing his album Donuts, J Dilla passed away from cardiac arrest in connection with lupus and pneumonia. The 32-year-old Detroit emcee's career continues to be celebrated in hip hop circles and beyond, and a court will soon be revisiting Donuts after the 1970s English rock group 10cc has claimed that the late rapper sampled their track, “The Worst Band in the World," without permission.

According to Pitchfork, J Dilla's "Workinonit" is the track in question. It was recently used by Netflix for two of Dave Chappelle's comedy specials and documents state that “J Dilla did not seek or obtain a license to use the Composition in any fashion.” 

Apparently, there has been communication between 10cc and Netflix, but “the parties have been unable to reach any resolution, thus requiring the filing of this action.” It's unclear what monetary settlement the band is seeking, but they reportedly included in their documentation that they want a court to “destroy or deliver up for destruction all materials in Defendants’ possession, custody, or control used by defendants in connection with Defendants’ infringing conduct.”

Listen to the two tracks below.