J. Cole keeps an incredibly low-profile in the public eye despite his celebrity status. He isn't the type of rapper to get exposed on TheShadeRoom or make a scandalous headline for TMZ. Last night, footage surfaced online of what appeared to be the rapper getting into a brawl. While many fans easily identified that it wasn't actually the rapper who was involved in the scuffle, Cole's manager took to Twitter to lay the rumors to rest.

J. Cole's manager and co-founder of Dreamville records, Ibrahim Hamad, addressed the viral clip of Cole's look-a-like getting into a scrap. Although people were quick to point out that a) Cole's beard isn't that long, and b) Cole wouldn't have snapback attached to his belt loop, Hamad took to Twitter to clarify the video at a fan's request.

"bro that’s not Cole. I’m assuming the original post was suppose to be a joke," he wrote on Twitter with a laughing emoji. "Man y’all gotta stop hitting my mentions about this video of that Cole look alike getting punched . I cant front though I had to do a double take too when I first saw it. nigga Cole stay with look a likes all across the world."

It's unsure if Cole's yet to see the clip but given Ibrahim's response, Cole will likely laugh it off as well.