J. Cole seems to exude wisdom. Therefore, it's no surprise that Cole has chosen his next single as "K.O.D," which has already shattered Spotify's opening day records with 4.2 million streams. Clearly, there's some commercial viability there; not to mention, the beat and hook make Cole's title track one of the project's more accessible cuts. One can only hope that Cole continues his trend of dope videos, as "K.O.D" seems tailor made for a visual treatment. It wouldn't be surprising to see him once again skirt the line between social commentary and parody, as he previously did with "ATM." Granted, this is merely speculation.

Either way, hearing "K.O.D." with increased frequency is certainly welcome. In fact, it's curious that Cole's latest is being marketed as the "lead single," considering "ATM," "Kevin's Hart," and "1985" have all been receiving radio play. I suppose it's a testament to the ever-changing role of the "single," which seems to be losing all meaning in this digital era. Semantics aside, Cole's KOD continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. It wouldn't be surprising to see a wealth of "singles" continue to drop. 

Unlike his previous two projects, KOD seems well suited to commercial radio; we all know the youth of today love a banger, and the title track fits the bell. Be sure to read our review of the project right here, and stay tuned for the inevitable video.