Everything was running smoothly until it was time for J. Cole to log out of his IG session with Ari Lennox. Cole would be the first to warn you of his many anachronisms. So what happened here, and why is it of any concern to us?

In summary, J. Cole and Ari Lennox were chatting something lovely, with twenty-thousand "voyeurs" watching their every move (vowel) - the big idea behind it: Cole wanted to galvanize what was left of the "Middle Child" buzz with the other Dreamville artists, and undoubtedly it was working until he suffered a "technological" miscarriage, see for yourself.

As you can see, Ari Lennox thanks J. Cole for the increased exposure that arose from the Instagram Live session. J. Cole, already horizontal and ready for bed, acknowledges her appreciation, then reaches for the "log out" button to end the session. But not so fast Dad: Cole's half screen only cuts out momentarily, his cool and collected "Goodbye" foiled by the intuitive upper hand of IG technology.

Incidentally, the 20,000 occupants remained in the chat long enough to witness his mortifying (yet endearing) moment. J. Cole might never be the one to show you the ropes on Linux, but that's OK, the "pen & pad" ritual is purposedly endearing, and suits him just fine.