Just days after releasing his heartfelt tribute to fallen teenager Mike Brown, J. Cole has paid a visit to Ferguson, MO, to commemorate the victim at the scene of his shooting.

Based on the video footage that has appeared on various social networks, the experience appears to have been an extremely humbling one for Cole. He took time to hear stories from the town's protestors before ultimately visiting Brown's memorial.

Cole is among several rappers who have shared their condolences with Brown's family. T.I., Nelly, David Banner, Killer Mike are among the thousands of people who took to Twitter and various media outlets to share their thoughts on the situation.

Check out the sightings of Cole in Ferguson below. Meanwhile, if you haven't already heard "Be Free," be sure to give that one a good listen right here. It should noted that Cole recently changed the artwork for the single after Brown's family requested the media stop circulating the photo of Brown on the concrete.