J. Cole flipped the internet this past week after he slowly unveiled detailed pertaining to his forthcoming album. He initally sparked speculations after he cleared his entire Instagram page (because that's how we know a rapper's about to drop an album in 2018) and shortly after announced that he'd be holding a free show that evening in New York City. He later announced his album K.O.D after the show and from what people have said, it's one of his most experimental projects to date. As we near the project's Friday release, the rapper has shared the cover art and tracklist for the project.

J. Cole took to Twitter to share the official album art and tracklist for his forthcoming album, K.O.D. The album's title stands for three things: Kidz On Drugz, King Overdose and Kill Our Demonz. The rapper's cover art hones all three of these meanings into one. The artwork features Cole with a crown over his head and his eyes rolled to the back. There's also four children depicted in the image doing drugs. 

Cole does have one feature on the album named Kill Edward who pops up on "The Cut Off" and "Friends." Aside from that, Cole handles the rest on his own.

J. Cole K.O.D. tracklist
1. Intro
2. K.O.D
3. Photograph
4. The Cut Off ft. Kill Edward
5. ATM
6. Motives
7. Kevin's Heart
9. Once An Addict (Interlude)
10. FRIENDS ft. Kill Edward
11. Window Pain (Outro
12. 1985 (Intro To The Fall Off)