J. Cole's time in Rwanda as a member of the Patriots basketball club didn't come without media fanfare. The world was excited to witness the rapper's first foray into professional basketball, playing overseas for three games before fulfilling the terms of his contract. He ended up leaving the team due to "family obligations" but he voiced his gratitude for the opportunity to play on such a grand scale, sharing a final message to his fans in Africa.

"So many thank you’s are due," said the North Carolina rapper, sharing a couple of photos with his teammates. "Thank you to @thebal and to @patriotsbbc for the opportunity. 

Thank you to my teamates, the coaches and staff for treating me like family. I learned so much in the few weeks we were together. Congrats on that win tonight and good luck next game.

Thank you to @puma for supporting a dream from day 1, and getting me to Rwanda and back safely via Puma jet.

Thank you to the entire country of Rwanda and to the city of Kigali for hosting us. BEAUTIFUL land with BEAUTIFUL people. To anyone considering visiting or moving to the continent, from everything I saw and heard, I would recommend you consider Kigali and Rwanda in general.

Thank you to everybody that had kind words for me despite my inexperience.

I plan to get better."

He concluded on that note, teasing a future in professional basketball as he will likely consider his next moves on the court. Scoring only a handful of points in his three outings off the bench, Cole's debut wasn't without criticism. Other members of the BAL, including AS Salé guard Terrell Stoglin, complained about Cole's presence in the league, stating that he took a serious player's job away by joining the Patriots.

Where do you think J. Cole will end up next and do you think he has a future in basketball?

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