J. Cole found the requisite middle ground for his assumed role as a cultural nitpicker. After labeling himself the current BEST on his new single "Middle Child," his rapper-peers have filed into two camps: worshippers and contenders. Yesterday, Tory Lanez seemingly took offense to Cole's self-adulation, prompting him to reach for the Twitter megaphone, Pusha-T his other target. 

That being said, you can count Cardi B among those in the worshipper column, with her assertion that "Middle Child" is well too spicy. The praise didn't go unnoticed; seven hours ago J. Cole filed his response, tail in hand. "This made my whole week to keep it a buck," he Tweeted in response, showing signs of a tightly wound "Cardi Crush."

As a precursor to his next solo grind, and the much-lauded Revenger sessions, "Middle Child" is Cole submission to the races. It's as if, J. Cole back to his messianic tendencies, would much rather write a proverb, than calling anyone out individually. Needless to say, if you're a rapper who prioritizes merchandizing over musical output, Cole would like a word with you on the side. And although Cardi B is a celebrated media darling for so many reasons, she still knows "a real one" from a dud.