Going into the weekend, Colin Kaepernick's NFL workout was moving forward with a reportedly high turnout set to attend. Many, even those skeptical about the NFL's moral conduct, seemed cautiously optimistic. A foundational strand of Jay-Z's masterplan, or at least the illusion of it, was coming together. And then the NFL demanded a liability waiver to be signed, prompting an unwilling Colin to relocate the workout at the last minute. After jumping ship from the Falcon's practice facility to an Atlanta High School, the total number of teams in attendance dwindled from twenty-five to eight. What could have been a pivotal step in facilitating Kaep's return to the Big Leagues became an unfortunate new chapter of drama.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Though some, including Jay-Z and Stephen A. Smith, have expressed disappointment in Kaepernick, others have shifted the blame onto the NFL. J. Cole took to Twitter to voice his own annoyance with the sporting giant, and to a lesser degree, himself for taking the "bait." "Me thinking the NFL was about to do the right thing," writes Cole, alongside a slew of Clown emojis. 

In truth, the situation is a complex one. For Kaep, who likely still nurses a distrust for the league that cast him aside, media access would have ensured a mediator of sorts -- if only to provide context to the event. Now, with the dust still swirling in the air, all we can do is speculate and debate on the matter. For J. Cole, it's clear where his loyalties lie.