Now, you might be wondering where J. Cole is and when he's planning on releasing new music. It was a question that lingered throughout 2020 as fans anticipated the release of The Off-Season. Tracks like "Snow On The Bluff," "Album Of The Year," and the two-song pack, Lewis Street have had fans eager to hear some new music.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Unfortunately, it seems like the release of The Fall Off and The Off-Season might not be arriving in the near future after the release of Call Of Duty: Warzone season 3 live-action trailer. The star-studded trailer for the video game included appearances from some of the biggest names in hip-hop, namely Young Thug and Gunna who open up the trailer. The dramatic sequence opens up with Thugger jumping out of a glass building while Gunna's firing his gun at the opponents from a helicopter. "Slatt," says Gunna after Thug safely makes his way on the chopper. "Long time no see, my brother," responds Thug before he and Gunna detonate the building Thugger jumped out of.

Apparently, the trailer caused J. Cole's adrenaline levels to start pumping. Ibraham Hamed, co-founder of Dreamville Records, took to Instagram where he revealed a text message from Cole who was ecstatic to start gaming after the new COD commercial. "Yo I'm bout to hit this call of duty for the first time with Tminus and mez," Cole wrote to Ib. "Thug and Gunna really inspired me."

Hopefully, Cole doesn't get too carried away.