J. Cole's upcoming album seems to be getting more and more anticipated with every leak and interview he does. The rapper is definitely confident in his sophomore effort, choosing to go against Kanye West on June 18th. So far we've gotten a few singles off the album, including last night's "Niggaz Know." We also have seen the cover art for Born Sinner, but an official tracklist has yet to be revealed. However, what J. Cole says is a false tracklist for the album has been circulating.

In a brief interview with Jenny Boom Boom, the rapper addresses the rumored tracklist and confirms it's false. However the tracklist does have one song correct- there's a TLC collaboration called "Crooked Smile." J. Cole went on to elaborate on this song, having previously explained how he was able to connect with T-Boz and Chilli.

"There's a tracklist that came out that's false, I ain't put out the tracklist yet," the Cole World rapper said of the tracklist circulating the web. "But the TLC is definitely true, the song is called "Crooked Smile" it's all about embracing my little imperfections and flipping it to empower the people to embrace theirs. You know what I mean, we all got issues and flaws that try and make us feel lesser because of, so that's what that joints about," J. Cole explained.

When asked about why he chose TLC for the song, the rapper said, "When you hear the song it'll make sense, what I'm sayin, and the music, it just sounded like something I wanted to hear them on. I just thought it was a longshot, but I still put out the request, and it just so happened they were back at work anyways, so it just worked out perfect."

You can peep the fake tracklist that's floating around below.

1. Intro
2. Born Sinner
3. Horns & A Halo
4. Power Trip (Feat. Miguel)
5. Crooked Smile (Feat. TLC)
6. Broke Nigga With Money
7. Close Your Eyes (Feat. Lauryn Hill)
8. Played By The Game
9. Deja Vu
10. Chaining Day (Feat. Amber Coffman)
11. NC (Feat. Anthony Hamilton)
12. Found Souls
13. Ransom
14. The Message / The Money
15. Obesessions (Feat. Frank Ocean)
16. Born Saint

Listen to the audio from the interview below.