Fans were becoming impatient with J. Cole as he continued to push back his solo album and not satiate their appetites with new music.  Recently, the N.C. rapper responded by dropping  a five track EP, Truly Yours, and followed that up with the second leak from his upcoming Born Sinner album called “Power Trip.”  Speaking to MTV, Cole says the cut was chosen as a single because of its unique sound, and compares it to Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River.”

Talking about the single which features R&B rising artist, Miguel, Cole World was noticeably hyped, and mentions that it was selected because of the non-traditional tones on the track, “That's the most exciting part about that song and the reason why we went with it is because it sounds like nothing that's out," 

Describing the song, which he produced, J. Cole likens it to a classic Timberlake tune, “It's almost like the first time I heard 'Cry Me a River,'...It hit you a certain kinda way. That was the exciting part.”

Cole was on the fence between releasing “Power Trip” next, or another song, he did not name, off Born Sinner, “they both have a new sound, but 'Power Trip'” Not just the beat, but the rapper talks about his laid back, nearly lethargic sounding rhyme style as a reason the track is set apart, “Everything about it, from the beat to even the way I'm flowing — you never really heard me rap so sleepily.”