While some rappers have been extremely passionate about the MTV "Hottest MCs In The Game" list, some rappers, such as the always humble J. Cole, have remained quiet about the list.

Although the Cole World rapper was nowhere to be found on this year's list, he isn't letting it get him down, in fact, he's giving absolutely no fucks about the list. 

While talking to DJ Drama about his lack of placement, he joked at first, "Somebody’s gonna fucking die," continuing, "I don’t know, but I don’t really give a fuck. It is what it is. Think about it, from what they say, it’s the past year, I’ve had a quiet year."

Nonetheless, he said, "but still, I should be on there," adding, "I don’t give a fuck, DJ Drama. They’re fucking dead, and I’m gonna kill them."

Cole continued, showing an understanding of the politics of the list. "We shouldn't even be talking about it anymore. They want this [the conversation]." He continued to dissect the fact that they put up "rap gods" against new-comers to the game in a way that doesn't make sense.

Cole explained, "Some of these guys you puttin' up against each other are from different fucking planets. They shouldn't even be in the same conversation so what are you really talking about? It's just dumb." He used an example of 'Ye and Future: "Future doesn't even give a fuck about Kanye. They don’t even interrupt each others' lives and they’re not competing on the same level. So what are you doing, you know what I mean."

Listen to the audio clip of Cole and Drama below, where they talk about the list as well as "Power Trip" and more.