J. Cole is, by all accounts, a man of few words. In that sense, his chosen words tend to carry an added sense of weight. The Dreamville rapper recently took to Twitter to shine a light on a disturbing incident that arose in South Florida last year. The footage, which has recently resurfaced, found Sherrif by the name of James Cady began accosting a man named Allen Floyd for no discernible reason, attempting to see his ID. The demand soon turned into a shakedown of sorts, with the officer raising his intensity and aggression in equal measure. After Floyd continued to request a reason for the ID process, Cady turned violent, grabbing the man by the neck.

For some context, Floyd was simply sitting on the curb, holding his daughter. After being roughed, screamed at, and repeatedly called "boy," Floyd eventually managed to emerge from the situation unscathed. He did, however, launch a lawsuit against Cady, citing "police abuse" as the man cause. As it happens, Cady has already been under fire for filing a wrongful arrest, causing taxpayers $250,000 in the process. Now, with the event once again under the microscope, J. Cole has offered his input. "Coward and a terrorist," he writes. It's safe to say, Cole does not stand alone in this assessment.