Since hopping on Drake's "Pipe Down" beat for "Heaven's EP" last week, J. Cole had been ramping up towards his much-anticipated Off-Season tour. 

Kicking off the tour in Miami on Friday night, he brought out a myriad of guests including Drizzy himself, who took a moment during the show to let the Born Sinner rapper that he is "one of the greatest rappers to ever touch a mic," it looked like the Off-Season was about to turn into open season for all stages and microphones Cole came across

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Unfortunately, after just two shows, Cole was forced to postpone two tour dates, the first in Philadelphia and the second in Detroit, due to production delays. 

Explaining that he was backstage at his Greensboro, NC show, waiting to go on stage after an hours-long delay, Cole said the theatrics involved with the Off-Season tour including intricate lighting and a full basketball court were taking much longer to transport and set up than was initially expected. Wearing his new signature look, sweatpants and Crocs, Cole continued on to say that it was a nine hour drive from Greensboro to Philly and that there would not be enough time to break down all of the equipment, transport it over the road to Pennsylvania and set it all up again for a show the next night.

Moving the Philadelphia show to October 27 and the Detroit show to October 25, the Fayetteville rapper spent most of his time on camera apologizing for the delay and agonizing over those fans who had already made arrangements to see him perform this week.

"I apologize for the inconvenience. I know people done hired babysitters, some people drive in from out of town, I hate this sh*t," Cole said about his Philly and Detroit-based supporters. "Even the fact that people waiting outside right now in Greensboro ... that sh*t is A.) embarrassing and B.) I think about people's time. This is the first time this ever happened to us. So I apologize for this sh*t."

It was clear Cole felt horribly about having to move shows but ensured that he wanted fans to see the show they paid for and the best way to achieve that was to move tour dates. 

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