J. Cole's fans are the type to vehemently defend him in comment sections everywhere, and while we've yet to see him battling the trolls of HNHH, Cole makes an effort to care for his fans as they do for him.

The NC rapper gave fans a chance to give him a call after he released the Revenge Of The Dreamers mixtape, and one conversation landed him in a spoken contract. If Cierra Bosarge was accepted to a four-year university program, Cole agreed that he would attend her high school graduation.

Now, we know Cole didn't actually have any real obligation to make it out, but after Bosarge completed her end of the bargain, the rapper apparently re-routed his tour around the ceremony.

Cole showed up with copies of some classic literature, including George Orwell's 1984, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce as presents for Bosarge, and made sure to take a picture for a proper 'Gram flex. While he could have brought a camera crew and turned it into a big publicity stunt, as far as we can tell he did it all for Cierra.

Speaking of rewarding the fans, J. Cole is currently on his Dollar and a Dream tour, where he'll be performing his Friday Night Lights mixtape in its entirety and charging only $1 per ticket.

Check out some of the posts from Bosarge and Cole's manager below. Which rapper would you want to come to your high school grad?