J. Cole will officially make his pro basketball debut on Sunday morning as he takes to the court in Africa to play for the Rwanda Patriots of the Basketball Africa League. Cole has always expressed interest in playing basketball at a high level and this new opportunity in Rwanda will give him that shot at glory. Not to mention, it's great timing considering he just released The Off-Season to the masses.

Recently, J. Cole got to appear on Kevin Durant's podcast called "The ETCs." During the episode, Cole spoke about his new album and how he got involved with the Basketball Africa League. He got to speak at length about the similarities between basketball and music, which is a topic he also broached during an interview with SLAM Magazine.

“The main parallel that I always draw between music and basketball is like, Yo, it’s just a matter of hours. The difference between the pro guy that sits on the bench and the superstar, it’s just a matter of intentional hours. They’re both really good, but that final foot of separation comes in the amount of hours that were put in," Cole told SLAM. "I think in order for any of those guys to be great, like LeBron, Steph, Damian Lillard, Kyrie, KD, there has to be an insane work ethic. You know what I mean? Especially looking at LeBron, the age he is. He has to commit way more to his body. You know what I mean? He has to do so much more than these other guys, just to stay ahead."

If you are interested in hearing the entire podcast, you can stream it, below.

Kevin Durant

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