Hip-hop's unofficial Jesus figure, J. Cole has recently enjoyed spreading the good word. After dropping heaps of education on self-professed Harvard alumni Lil Pump, J. Cole actually sat down with the young rapper for a (albeit one-sided) meeting of the minds. Perhaps it's something about his aura that simply exudes a wizened demeanor, but do not mistake his fatherly persona for weakness; KOD proved he could still outrap the majority of the youngsters with relative ease, even when paired with a so-called "trap beat." Such is the timeless power of J. Cole, who has quietly enjoyed a run as one of hip-hop's biggest superstars

With a massive tour with Young Thug on the horizon, Cole has continued to play the mentor, this time holding it down for Chicago talent Dreezy. While Dreezy is indeed a capable artist in her own right, it's clear that she valued the insight Cole provided, as evidenced by her Instagram homage. Posting up a picture of herself and Cole, she shed some light on the nature of their meeting, writing "Bro dropped some jewels on me after the show. Got me ready to work overtime nbs. Needed that, love." 

It's nice to see Cole paying it forward, and one can only hope that the pair discussed plans to meet up for a collaboration. Between the two of them, the beat wouldn't stand a chance.