Those who were active during the rapidly fading "CD Era" can understand the struggle. Memories of hopping from Wal Mart to Wal Mart in vain attempts to secure a copy of FabolousGhetto Fabolous circa 2001 still surface on occasion. Nowadays, the idea of actually buying CDs seems like a distant time, but lo and behold, physical copies used to be the definitive means of consuming music. So much so that going platinum actually felt like an impressive milestone. Suffice it to say, J Cole is a child of that forgotten era. 

After embarking on what we can only imagine was a Homeric journey, J. Cole recently took to Twitter to voice his frustration over what he apparently felt was a fool's errand. "How I can't find a physical copy to my own shit," complains Cole, while perhaps sliding in a low-key humble brag in the mix. After all, it wouldn't be surprising to see K.O.D. selling out, given the positive word of mouth and overall reverence toward the rapper. Not to mention the phenomenal artwork, which is sure to catch the eye of many-a curious browser. All things consider, the hunt for a K.O.D. physical copy might be a difficult endeavor. 

Granted, the fact that Cole himself is finding it difficult to lock one down is mildly amusing. You'd think he'd have the plug. Perhaps he's simply that humble. Either way, the album continues to garner acclaim. Hopefully the rapper's search can reach a satisfactory conclusion. Bonus - for some added hilarity, be sure to check the replies to Cole's original tweet.