Let's be completely honest. Even if J. Cole was nominated in the most prestigious categories, he probably still wouldn't care about the Grammy Awards. While it was once viewed as a prestigious ceremony, the Grammys and their legitimacy have been called into question by many sources. People like Eminem have outwardly stated their distaste for the awards show and Kanye West has boycotted them for years. Jermaine Cole is nominated for his role as a featured artist on songs with Miguel and 6LACK but he failed to earn a nomination for his stellar album K.O.D. We're all a little confused how he isn't being recognized for his work this year but hey, sometimes the Grammys make weird decisions. 

Some of Cole's peers have spoken out in support of the project, believing that it should have gotten nominated in the "Best Rap Album" category. His fans are backing him up, giving their reasons why K.O.D. should be recognized. Of course, there is a case to be made that the nominated works are the top choices that they could have gone for. At least somebody like Nipsey Hussle is getting some major shine for his project. However, the inclusion of Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy has Cole fans tripping on social media.

Are you upset that Cole wasn't nominated in the Albums category or do you deem K.O.D. unworthy?