J. Cole is surely excited to drop his sophomore album Born Sinner today, but last night he was given a serious shock when a fan tweeted a photo at him which depicted him pointing a gun at his little sister.

The tweet read "@JColeNC retweet me and I'll buy Born Sinner. Don't retweet me and I'll kill my lil sister." which J. Cole immediately did in fear that the fan's threat was serious.

The man who tweeted the disturbing image has since claimed that the tweet was a joke, and that the weapon depicted in the picture was a BB gun. Even if this is the case, it is a very twisted idea of humor.

This morning the rapper commented on the tweet, in somewhat of an understatement. "Wildest shit I ever seen on twitter," Cole said.

UPDATE: The fan's twitter account seems to have been deleted, but you can still view the screencap in the gallery above.

[Update: Fan Investigated By Police]

According to TMZ, the New Braunfels Police Department in Texas has opened an investigation on the fan behind Monday night's tweet directed at J. Cole. The operator of the Twitter account, who has been revealed to be a nineteen year old male, has apparently been very apologetic about the event, and appears to have just made a naive mistake.

According to police the teen "is cooperating and it seems this was just a bad lapse in judgment," but they are not closing the case just yet. "For now this is still an open investigation, and for the time being no charges are being filed."

The fan made sure to formally apologize for his misjudgement. "I'd like to apologize to America for the photo and to put J. Cole in that position. It was all a joke."

He also clarified that the weapon depicted in the photo was not a real gun, and revealed the reasoning behind his twitter deletion. "It was an unloaded BB gun and my sister was in on it. I only tweeted it because I didn't expect a response. Mr. Cole please don't sue me. I want to formally apologize more to J. Cole and yeah my mom made me delete my twitter until I fixed it.”