His freestyle has been the talk of the Hip Hop scene today (May 12), but people have been divided over one of J. Cole's bars. The Dreamville mogul has been carefully rolling out his highly anticipated album The Off-Season and there have been rumors that he's slated to ball for Africa League's Rwanda Patriots. To add to the already growing hype coming from Cole's camp was his L.A. Leakers freestyle that quickly went viral.

Fans picked apart Cole's lyrics but it was his Bill Cosby line that caught attention. "No Bill Cosby sh*t, if they’re sleeping then f*ck em," spit Cole. Soon, "Bill Cosby" became a trending topic.

J. Cole, Bill Cosby, L.A. Leakers, Freestyle
Tabatha Fireman / Stringer / Getty Images

Some didn't take the lyrics as being that controversial, but social media users were divided. There were those that praised Cole because they considered the Cosby mention to be the hardest bar in the freestyle, while others weren't as pleased with the television icon's sexual assault conviction being addressed so loosely. Even as discussions regarding Cole's lyrics have continued throughout the day, several Hip Hop fans were confused because it certainly isn't the most controversial line by a rapper.

Still, timelines were flooded with responses and reactions, so we've found a few and included them below. Let us know if you think people are being too sensitive or if you believe Cole crossed the line.