J. Cole's The Off-Season will soon be upon us, with labelmates and frequent collaborator Bas having all but confirmed a May 14th release date. And while Cole himself has yet to confirm the project's arrival, the legendary lyricist has opted to kick up some hype by hopping onto his Instagram page, which he uses so infrequently that any activity tends to be magnified tenfold. 

Over the weekend, Cole kicked off the hype train by revealing he had "Just rode through the city to The Off-Season," a session that left him feeling particularly excited. And while the Dreamville emcee opted to keep additional details close to the chest, today finds him once again using his Instagram page to express his current state of mind. 

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

"Confidence through the roof," he writes, adding a few rocket ship emojis for good measure. True, it's hardly what you'd call breaking news, though it's certainly interesting to see Cole's mindset in the days leading up to the big release. Though it might be unwise to read too deeply into a mere declaration of confidence, one can only hope we'll see a Cole acutely aware of his lyrical prowess and flexing said prowess at every turn. 

Check out Cole's hype-inducing statement below, and sound off if you're among the many excited to see what The Off-Season has in store. Considering it's the first of several projects slated on Cole's calendar, including It's A Boy and The Fall-Off, perhaps this is the beginning of another prolific run. We can only hope that can be the case.