With the year is reaching its conclusion, it's high time to begin reflecting on 2019's definitive projects. Is it fair to count Domani Harris, son of Tip, and his Time Will Tell album among the ranks? A cinematic and polished album from start to finish, Domani's lyricism and wisdom signal a promising road ahead for the young Atlanta rapper; if you haven't listened to it yet, consider remedying that right here. People have already begun taking notice of his skillset, including one of the game's most celebrated lyricists: J. Cole

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

As it happens, Cole took a moment to offer up some kind words to Domani, going so far as to hit Time Will Tell with the classic status. "This project is fucking amazing bro," says Cole, speaking to Domani on the phone. "You did such a great job on that shit. I really appreciate you sending that to me. I feel like I know you after listening to that. I feel like you delivered a classic. The fans gon' listen to that shit for decades bro. I really feel you."

"I'm highly impressed," continues Cole. "When you played the shit for me in Atlanta, I knew you was talented. I heard it right then and there. To see you do that for a whole project, it's really impressive bro. Please keep going. Enjoy your project. I'm sure it's gon' blow up for you. It's going to be a slow burner...You did an awesome job." Domani makes sure to return the love, thanking Cole for taking the time to listen. It's a wholesome exchange between two strong lyricists, and some might even see a "torch-passing" moment of sorts. 

Be sure to check it out below, and if you've been sleeping, check out Time Will Tell to see what J. Cole's been talking about.