Earlier today, we reported that J. Cole had completely purged his Instagram account, deleting every single photo. As history typically suggests when it comes to music, when an artist does that, it's because they are gearing up to promote a new album. Most recently, J. Cole seemingly invited every artist in the world to his Revengers sessions which basically confirms that a project is on the way.


"As we all know, Cole's quarterbacking role in the Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 sessions has been well documented, uniting the entirety of his label under a singular banner, among other key players. The sessions have already retained a historic feel, and those who experienced them will likely cherish the memories among the highlights of their career. Fans have been salivating at the notion of receiving the compilation whenever it ultimately drops, and while we have yet to receive a date, Cole has indeed wasted little time in stoking the flame heights."

Now it appears that Cole is back, posting a cryptic message on Instagram saying "I'm Counting My Bullets." It is unclear whether or not this is a song, a lyric, or potentially the name of an upcoming project. Either way, fans seem excited and considering all of the content we've gotten from Cole as of late, it's almost a guarantee that some fire is coming soon.

UPDATE: Cole just deleted his post, which adds even more to the cryptic nature of his social media behavior.