J. Cole's one of the few rappers that have found a balance in their personal life and professional life. He doesn't need to do any crazy publicity stunts in order to get attention or anything out of the ordinary to sell albums. Earlier today, the rapper sparked speculation of a new album coming after he cleared his Instagram page and changed his social media profile pictures to a plain purple background. In addition, he recently previewed some new music on ESPN's recent NBA promo commercial. Safe to say, that there's an album on the way, the question is when.

J. Cole has announced a free NYC show tonight at 6PM. He took to Twitter to announce the show which comes with some strict rules for anyone planning to enter. However, moments before the rapper announced the show, he tweeted then deleted, "it's time." 

His concert tonight will be held at Gramercy Theatre for free on a first come, first serve basis and doors open at 6pm. The show has restrictions on phones, cameras and bags. In addition, there won't be a press or guest list either. As exciting as it is to know that he possibly has new music up his sleeve, there's a good chance we won't get to hear any snippets since there's a ban on cameras and phones. 

It's definitely some major signs that J. Cole will be releasing a new album soon and we're stoked to hear what he has up his sleeve.