Westside Gunn has been one of hip-hop's quintessential hustlers, grinding his way from the streets to Shady Records. Days after signing a hat-designing deal with New Era, Gunn continues to rub shoulders with some of the genre's biggest names. Clearly, the Supreme Blientele rapper has earned the respect of his contemporaries, from Eminem to J. Cole. Case in point, Gunn's latest IG shot, which finds him posted up alongside the Dreamville label head.

"We already talked about wat y’all want so don’t worry," says Gunn, alluding to the inevitable collaboration discussions. While the pair seem to differ stylistically, a Cole & Westside Gunn pairing wouldn't be the strangest thing in the world. Both seem to excel over stripped down, old-soul production, and Cole has proven adept at switching up the style to suit the occasion. As for Westside, the man has held his own alongside some true heavy-hitters, so it goes without saying that he'd be bringing his A-Game on a Cole joint.

Peep the photo below, and sound off below. Would ya'll be here for a Westside Gunn and J. Cole collaboration? Why not throw Conway into the mix for good measure? Why not Bas, while we're at it?