Yesterday, XXL unveiled the official Dreamville-covered Spring 2019 issue, which found the combined forces of Cole, J.I.D., Ari LennoxEarthGang, Omen, Lute, Bas, and Cozz standing united. While the entire roster opened up about their respective experiences, label capo J. Cole dropped a few of the biggest hints, pointing to a fruitful year on deck. Though he remains relatively coy about his upcoming endeavors, including the (subject of our latest cover story) Revenge Of The Dreamers 3,  Cole does provide a massive hint about where his head is at creatively speaking. 

"Me and T-Minus been locked in for months," confirms Cole, speaking with XXL. "I don’t even want to make beats no more unless I’m working with T-Minus and I just want to add some shit or help. But, for at least the next month or two, I don’t even want to make no beats. I just want to rap. For the first time I’ve been able to focus on that for the most part." 

It seems like "Middle Child" was but one of many offerings, and T-Minus took a moment to chime in with his own perspective. "Thankful to be working with one of the greatest artists of our time," he writes, via Instagram. While it's unclear whether Cole will actually drop an album in 2019 - we're still waiting on Dreamers 3, EarthGang's MirrorLand, and more - he does hint at his "most fun year" thus far. "I just plan on being more active. More features. More music. Whether it’s an album or loosies," confirms Cole. "I plan on having a really good year. That’s what I’m looking forward to. This will probably be my most fun year."

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images