UPDATE: It seems J. Cole isn't dropping after all... Zane Lowe just hopped on Twitter and shot back the rumors, saying: "I said, we can’t tell you who is releasing, so why not assume it’s your favourite artist. It was a joke with the team. No mention of anyone specific. And I will say, I am not referring to [J. Cole]."

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Something major could be brewing from the Dreamville camp. 

Although nothing has been formally announced, fans are convinced that the one-and-only J. Cole will be popping back into the conversation tonight with a new album. There isn't much to go off of, but let's dissect the current rumors.

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So, this afternoon, on Zane Lowe's Apple Music 1 radio show, the host said that he had inside information that something very big was arriving tonight. That "something big" would supposedly make the fans happy, said Zane, before revealing that the artist behind the surprise release would be on his show tomorrow. As you would imagine, people went a little crazy with the assumptions, throwing around names on social media. Some of the loudest rumblings were regarding J. Cole, who seemingly has a pretty consistent relationship with December 9, in particular. 

As many have pointed out, the North Carolina-raised rapper has previously released two albums on December 9. 2014 Forest Hill Drive in 2014 and 4 Your Eyez Only in 2016. Could he be planning out another single drop, or possibly an album, tonight? I guess we'll need to keep our eyes peeled.

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For now, these are solely rumors. Nothing has been confirmed and it's not even certain that anything is happening tonight. However, Zane Lowe has a reputation to uphold, so he probably isn't capping. Is it J. Cole though... who knows? Hopefully, we'll all be listening to The Fall Off in a few hours. Fingers crossed.