McDonald's is getting some major celebrities on deck for massive collaborations. Kicking things off with Travis Scott, people have been sliding through the drive-thru telling staff members that Cactus Jack sent them. It's been a success. Marking the second major celebrity collaboration following Michael Jordan in the 90s, McDonald's is keeping their hot streak going and unrolling another collaboration.

J Balvin will be the latest celebrity to work with McDonald's for a collab meal. The J Balvin Meal will include a Big Mac with no pickles, medium fries with ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry. Not necessarily out of the box but certainly a classic combination. Balvin's collab with the fast-food giant is historical as he's now the first Latino to ever work with McDonald's on this sort of level.

"It is crazy because we’re talking about Michael Jordan and Travis Scott. So it’s a blessing," he told Complex about the collab. "And the fact that I’m Latino… I consider myself a global citizen, but I’m from Medellín, Colombia, and this is the first time they’re working with a Latino. It’s a big campaign, so I feel really proud of it. And yeah, I can’t wait to see people who wait in line and buy the J Balvin meal and support the culture. It’s really dope."

Balvin enlisted luxury jewelry atelier Saint Jewels, founded by Gerard Alexander, to celebrate the collaboration with a brand new chain that he rocks in the commercial. The iced out McDonald's chain includes detachable replicas of the menu items, down to the golden tray with red nanoceramic e-coating.

Via Publicist

"It'd be easy to say the McFlurry was my favorite piece to design, with its two different cuts of white diamonds on the body and ice cream portion. But I feel like the detachable iconic red McDonald's tray is what stands out the most," Alexander said in a statement. "The tray is special to jewelry enthusiasts, because of the nano-ceramic e-coating we used, which is something new, that most jewelers don't even know exists, let alone know how to execute. We turned this project around quickly and poured the most innovative techniques into the project to make the look just right."

Check out the commercial below.