Ivica Zubac was enjoying a productive season with the Los Angeles Lakers until he was traded away at the deadline back in February. Fortunately for Zubac, he ended up going to the Los Angeles Clippers who as of today, are a much better team. The Lakers are well out of a playoff spot, while the Clippers are guaranteed a spot in the postseason and are currently ranked 6th in the Western Conference. Zubac explained that fans of the Lakers have told him that he's missed and that he's even tried to get them to support the Clippers.

"A bunch of fans have come up to me and they say, 'Why did we trade you? The Lakers front office did the biggest mistake,'"Zubac told the Orange County Register. "Everyone's like, 'We miss you.' And I always say, 'I'm on a better team now. You don't have to be sad for me.' And I always make sure to tell them, 'Check our game out if you want to see good basketball.'"

Zubac caught a bit of flack on Twitter for his comments although he quickly explained that he just wanted to shed light on his team which doesn't get as much coverage as the Lakers. The Clippers player even talked about how he used to hate his new team.

"I was taught to hate the Clippers, you know, since I was with the Lakers," Zubac said. "So, I never liked the Clippers before. But since coming over here, it's been amazing. The team, the franchise, the organization is like a family, a big family, everyone's so close and it's been awesome."

If the playoffs were to start today, the Clippers would be playing against the Houston Rockets.