Christmas is right around the corner and one music fan is already taking full advantage of the holidays by creating a full-on Christmas light show using songs from some of the biggest artists out right now. High school student Hudson Hooper synced up his Christmas lights with a Travis Scott medley that will most definitely get you hyped up for the holidays.

Hooper went pretty deep with the medley, including some of Scott's biggest songs including: "Goosebumps," "Through The Late Night," "Sicko Mode," "Yosemite," "Stargazing," and even "Pick Up The Phone." To see the incredible light show, check out the YouTube video below.

In an interview with Fox42, Hooper said "I just started doing Christmas lights a couple years ago and I’ve been making them bigger and bigger every year. Last year, I got the box that makes that lights go to the music and that’s been my favorite things so far.” According to Hooper, it took him close to six hours to get everything set up the way he wanted.

The high school student followed up his Travis Scott medley with a light show for Frank Ocean's "Nights." It's obvious Hooper has some talent for this stuff. It will be interesting to see what song or artist he decides to do next.