Leave your inhibitions at the door. Fresh off hosting a raunchy "adults only" IG live session, Boosie has once again embraced his love of hedonism and free-spirited love, taking to the Gram to advertise his biweekly and highly aquatic event. Introducing Boosie's topless pool parties, where the only thing higher than the attendees is the chlorine density.

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Despite the "what happens at Boosies stays at Boosies" tagline, the Badazz appears to have no qualms with capturing some footage from the event. Lo and behold, there appears to be no shortage of topless attendees, though Boosie is careful to keep them enveloped in strategically cast shadow, ever the cinematographer. In any case, it's clear the event is somewhat of a spectacle, made all the liver by a DJ's thunderous presence and some crucial spotlight ambiance.

While there's likely many benefits to playing host to such a raucous bash, rest assured that Boosie's intentions arise from a wholesome place. "I LIKE SEEING PEOPLE SMILE," he writes, in a final sendoff. And they say night-swimming deserves a quiet night.