Like many of us, Michelle Obama is a fan of HBO's Insecure. Or so we learned from an Instagram photo posted by star and creator Issa Rae, who revealed there was one scene that Michelle had to talk to her about when the two met at Inbound 17 (spoilers ahead).

"Me after my President told me she was mad about the #InsecureHBO finale fake out," Issa captioned one of three photos she took with Michelle at the event. For those who watched, you'll know that Issa is referring to the montage in which we see central ex-couple Issa and Lawrence reunite. Lawrence proposes, and the two live out a fairy tale ending -- having a child and building a family together. Then we're brought back to reality, as it's revealed that the scene was nothing but a fantasy. Though Issa didn't reveal exactly what made Obama so "mad" about the fake-out, we assume it's because, like many fans, she's rooting for the couple.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Issa Rae spoke of how she wrote the show for black women. "In creating and writing the show, this is not for dudes. It's not for white people," she said. "It's the show that I imagined for my family and friends. That's what I think of when I'm writing the scenes."

Issa recently appeared in Jay-Z's video for "Moonlight," which she also spoke of in her interview with RS. "We couldn't hear the song until the day-of, so it initially did just seem like we were recreating Friends and making a satirical statement about the lack of diversity by putting black people in it," she said. "Hearing the song definitely informed us that there's levels on levels."

Watch the "Moonlight" video below.