Issa Rae's 2015 book The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl recently got some backlash three years after it's release. A certain chapter of the book reads Issa's opinion that Black women and Asian Men are at the bottom of the food chain, suggesting they join forces in "love, marriage and procreation."

Issa never fully responded to the matter, but her fans were quick to defend her explaining how the whole book should be read before dissecting one passage. Issa has been on a little press tour since Insecure season three is nearly here, and during her visit to The Breakfast Club Issa talks about the backlash. 

“I wrote that in 2010, and that was the context of… all these news things like, ‘black women have no hope,’ ‘educated black woman, there’s no chance for you,’ ‘black men [don’t want you],” she explained. “So, sarcastically, I noticed that there was an abundance [of Asian men]. So there’s your solution black women!”  Issa even added how Black Men and Asian Men have the “worst chances of matching with other people" on dating apps.

She added: “Of course it was a joke, but I was like, ‘this is what I’m getting dragged for?’ And I’ve never even dated outside my race, I was like, ‘I stayed loyal to these ashy n*****s all my life!’” 

Peep the full interview below.