Every day, tens of millions of people take to social media to share their opinions on just about anything. Whether they're on microblogging platforms like Twitter with limited characters or penning think pieces about the latest trends in pop culture, we're met with a barrage of opinions the moment we open any social media app or internet browser. 

A woman took to Twitter today (May 21) to share a few random, negative thoughts about Issa Rae, and while many messages like these are often overlooked or ignored by celebrities, the media mogul made time to address her critic.

"Issa Rae is not an attractive woman to me and that is okay," the woman tweeted. "Every black person aint attractive. Also, she will never know who I am and even if she is it doesn't matter because I don't want to f*ck her or be hired by her." Rae was made aware of the comments and replied by posting the woman's profile photo and a caption: "Okay, but we look the same? The f*ck?"

Soon, fans began sharing side-by-side pictures of the two women noting that they share many characteristics. "Not my cousins publicly disrespecting me," Rae joked. The woman returned to say that they don't look alike at all, except that she admitted they do have similar features. Check it all out below.