Season three of Insecure ended a while ago and since then we haven't heard much on what season four may offer. Seeing as Issa is now starring in Little, we understand that she's been busy working on other exciting projects. The latest trailer for one of Issa's starring roles sees her playing an assistant to a tempered, needy boss (Regina Hall) who treats her employees like trash.

After a young girl (played by Black-ish's Marsai Martin) casts a sort of a spell on Regina's character, she wakes up as a child having to see the world from a whole different view. The 14-year-old actress is even credited for coming up with the concept after being inspired by Tom Hank's 1988 film Big. 

“I was very comfortable [on set] because they were my people,” Marsai told Essence when discussing representation on both sides of the lens. “Working on a bunch of sets, you kind of don’t see that often. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you are — in how you say your lines or how you perform in a certain scene because you’re working with great people, who will watch over you and won’t let you down.”

The film hits theaters April 12, peep the trailer below.