Issa Rae gained recognition after creating and releasing her own Awkward Black Girl web series on YouTube in 2011. She was able to self-fund the project before eventually raising the funds through the help of her fans and supporters. Before season two of the series, Rae partnered with Pharell to release it on his iamOTHER network. Throughout the rise of her career, Issa Rae, maintained the success of her personal YouTube account by releasing original content that is often created by and starring people of color. 

Insecure was picked up by HBO in 2015 and has seen steady success on the network, while also garnering critical acclaim. The show is praised as being revolutionary, authentic, and fun - which is also how we would describe Issa Rae as an artist. She has received big nominations in her short time starring in Insecure, including nominations for two Golden Globe as well as an Emmy.

After almost two years since the ending of season three, season four of Insecure is set to air on April 12th, and will "follow the main characters as they cope with the aftermath of the decisions they ended the last season with," HBO teases. The trailer does not give much away, aside from the obvious return of Issa's ex, Lawrence Walker. It seems as though season four will prove that it was worth the wait.

Are you guys excited to watch?