Isiah Thomas got to play against some pretty incredible players during his time in the NBA. Of course, everyone remembers that he had a massive rivalry against the likes of Michael Jordan. These days, everyone considers Jordan to be the greatest basketball player of all-time, however, there are plenty of people out there who would much rather give that designation to someone like LeBron James, who has had some stiff competition over the years. 

Despite getting to play in the same era as Michael Jordan, Thomas recently took to Twitter where he claimed LeBron was the true GOAT. "The best and most “complete” player I have seen in my lifetime is @KingJames on and off the floor. He passed the eye test and the numbers confirm what my eyes have seen in every statistical category. #Goat let it be known!" he wrote.

Thomas's comments seemed surprising to some, while others called him bitter towards MJ. Jordan and Thomas have virtually no relationship and they don't seem to have the greatest respect for one another. With this in mind, it's easy to see why Thomas would take LeBron's side here.

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