Isaiah Thomas is having one hell of an NBA season, although it wasn’t enough to land him a starting spot on the Eastern Conference All-Star roster. He has a very strong chance to make the reserves, and even if he doesn’t he still has a consolation prize in the form of this new NBA spot, called “Possible.”

The commercial’s name plays off the seeming impossibility of Thomas’s NBA career. Drafted dead last in his draft class due to his height (only 5’9”), he has beaten all odds to become an NBA All-Star last season (and probably this season as well).

Along with the voice over from Thomas, the spot intersperses clips of other great guards who weren’t very tall: Muggsy Bogues, Spud Webb, Kyle Lowry and Chris Paul. Their only crime was leaving out Nate Robinson and his incredible bounce.

The spot will air during Saturday’s match-up between the Cavaliers and the Spurs.