Following Cleveland's 125-114 loss to the short-handed Detroit Pistons last night, Cavs point guard Isaiah Thomas told reporters that he's only playing at about 75-80% of his former capacity. 

Thomas has played in just 11 games so far this season and has struggled mightily on the defensive end, while the team has struggled as a whole.

Last night the Cavs were a minus-25 in the 33 minutes that Thomas was on the court, but he remains confident that he'll return to form in due time. He says he doesn't have anything he used to right now, but preached patience while speaking with reporters.


"I don't have anything I used to have right now and I know I will at one point, but it's just a process that I gotta really be patient with myself," Thomas said Tuesday. "Set small goals to reach, because, I mean, coming back I just want it all right now. It's just not realistic for anybody that's been out as long as I have. To have a leg injury like I have, so. I just try to keep pushing and stay positive."

"I'm not confident out there as I usually am. It's a process getting confidence back mentally and physically in your body and doing the things you used to be able to do. And my body's not allowing me to do that yet."

Thomas also noted that he's ahead of schedule in his rehab, revealing that the Cavs physical therapist, George Sibel, wanted to keep him out until April. 

Adding to the Cavs woes is the fact that All-Star forward Kevin Love is expected to miss 6-8 weeks due to a broken left hand he suffered during last night's loss.

Cleveland is still sitting in third place in the Eastern Conference with a 29-20 record but they're just a half game up on the fourth place Miami Heat. The two teams will go head to head tonight in Cleveland.