LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart's confrontation from Sunday was something that a lot of fans were pretty surprised by. LeBron clearly swung his arm at Stewart and it ended up making him bleed. This then led to a wild reaction from Stewart who attempted to chase after LeBron and give him a beatdown. In the end, both Stewart and LeBron were suspended for their actions, with Stewart getting two games to LeBron's one.

Tonight, Stewart is making his return to the Pistons lineup, and before the game, he got to speak to the media about what went down. In a video posted to Twitter by ClutchPoints, Stewart refuted LeBron's notion that it was accidental. While Stewart doesn't want to dwell on the incident, he also wanted to make it known that he believes that act was intentional.

Isaiah Stewart

Nic Antaya/Getty Images

"I watched the film. Me personally, I didn’t feel like it was an accident, but it’s my last time addressing it," Stewart said. "My main focus right now is on my team."

Stewart will get to face LeBron again on Sunday as the Lakers take on the Pistons. With both players looking to put this behind them, it will be interesting to see how they matchup against one another come Sunday.