Isaiah Rashad is one of TDE's secret weapons, quietly putting out consistently strong albums like 2016's The Sun's Tirade. However, the rapper otherwise tends to keep things low key, and never fully dives into the public spotlight. However, that does stop the man also known as billy batson from going on the occasional Twitter storm, and earlier this morning, Rashad delivered a sermon's worth of thoughts on the social media platform. Most importantly, Rashad acknowledged his upcoming album, playing coy about the release by saying "im always working on the project. aka i could give u the title. aka im not." And while he did choose to withhold information about his next musical endeavor, he did drop some knowledge about the current generation of hip-hop listeners.

"Thanks for holding me down," says Rashad, before addressing his more susceptible fans. "Just don’t die ur hair and pop pills to “find” ur self if that ain’t ur dig from the jump." Rashad then goes on to blame an ambiguous party that they're responsible for making his "lil cousins look up to idiocy and codiene." He also states that Ski Mask The Slump God had the best punch lines of the year, and proceeds to call Rich The Kid a "genius." And while both claims will certainly led to some good old fashioned hip-hop debate, it's the last one that may very well be the most exciting.

Rashad concludes his Twitter spree by shouting out Vince Staples, stating "Oh and somebody give me and Vince Staples a fucking talk show. It’s like overdue." And while the likelihood of that ever happening is unfortunately slim, as both artists seem busy with music, there are few rappers better suited for a talk show that Vince Staples. Throw Isaiah Rashad into the mix, and you'd have some serious gold. Somebody please make this happen.