TDE's Isaiah Rashad has moved by his own terms, making him a unique figure in the industry. Selective in his releases, Rashad's last project arrived in 2016 with The Sun's Tirade. Since then, fans have been particularly thirsty for more music. After all, applying patience is a concept strange to many modern-day hip-hop listeners. Still, good things come to those who wait. Rashad has officially come forward to stoke the hype fires, taking to IG live to preview a few select cuts from the upcoming project.

Image via HNHH

Off the bat, Rashad ballparks the project's runtime as either eleven or twelve tracks. In a subsequent clip, Rashad can be seen previewing an album cut, following a bittersweet announcement. "This might be my last project," he says, cueing up the track. Interestingly enough, Rashad mentions that he intends to add an XXXTentacion "Ayeeee!" ad-lib around the midway point.

Die-hard Rashad fiends will recall that Isaiah previously teased a collaboration with Triple X, though it's unclear to what capacity the late rapper will be featured on this one. Check out the snippet below. With or without XXX's presence, it certainly sounds like a banger. Stay tuned for more news on Isaiah's upcoming project, likely arriving at some point this year.