Isaiah Rashad Loves To Cook

Danny Schwartz
September 23, 2016 11:22

Isaiah Rashad talks cooking wisdom, Southern food, tacos, and his search for a sack of dough.

Isaiah Rashad loves to cook. In a recent interview with HNHH, he spoke on how he has gained cooking wisdom over time, his love of Southern food, and his specialties.

"I can cook really good. I don't want say nothing because it's gonna all sound real stereotypical. I'm good at frying chicken," he said.

He revealed that he also specializes in okra, fried tomatoes, tilapia, and halibut. "I can make some fire-ass baked beans," he said. "I can hook you up with the ribs."

Rashad mentioned that he is in the market for a sack of dough so that he can make some fire-ass tacos from scratch: "Down the street from my house, these ladies be having this big-ass, fat-ass bag of dough. And they just grab a chunk of it and throw it in this thing and spin it and pop out a tortilla. And I'm like, 'Dog, that's raw.'"

Listen to The Sun's Tirade and read HNHH's interview with Rashad here.

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