TDE artist Isaiah Rashad has deleted his Twitter account, seemingly without warning. While this has caused many to dive into speculation, Isaiah took to Instagram to share a pair of emotional images. The first, picturing the rapper with his head in hands, is accompanied by the following:

“Some ppl get hurt and decide they want to ruin our day. I woke up to some dumb sh*t. Ppl u trust will do sh*t u didn’t expect. Situations u thought u overcame will come to light. Ppl will use your kids, your experience, your life, sh*t,, even your joy to bring u down. But nah. F**k that. I’m working on my life and touring. I refuse to let some dumb sh*t make me feel f**ked up. I refuse. I refuse to let somebody rob me of my smile. F**k that. It’s still sunnyyy on this side. – jeep"

The second picture, featuring his two children, reads:

“No one is going to steal my joy. I work for them. They deserve a better life than I had. And they wasn’t born into this world for them to feel how I did coming up. F**k anything else.”