Earlier this year, Twitter had a field day comparing the careers of Nelly and Drake. If that discussion taught us anything, it's that the generation who grew up on Country Grammar hold the massively successful St Louis rapper's canon in high regard. As we've learned with the release of YG's wildly explicit "Pop It, Shake It" today, that high appreciation also extends to Nelly's controversial BET Uncut video for "Tip Drill."

YG's video takes place at a pool party in Miami filled with women in various states of undress, and it instantly brought many viewers back to a time when Nelly shocked the world with a very similar video for his 2003 single.

According to Twitter, at least today, "Tip Drill" has become something of a classic. Many have cited the similarities between Nelly's video and YG's, and while some are ready to call "Pop It" the "Tip Drill of this generation," others are more hesitant. One large point of contention in the debate came with the infamous "credit card swipe" scene in "Tip Drill," which is nowhere to be found in YG's tribute (though fans did come up with some interesting ideas about what that transaction would look like in 2017).

The "Tip Drill" video inspired criticism for its objectification of Black women at the time. In 2004, a bone marrow drive organized by Nelly's 4Sho4Kids Foundation set to take place at Spellman College in Atlanta was protested by students. The school's Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance named Nelly "Misogynist Of The Month" for the video, and the drive was ultimately canceled by the foundation following the backlash. The drive was being held in aid of Nelly's sister, Jacqueline Donahue, who was suffering from leukemia. 

The similar objectification present in YG's video may mean that he will also face criticism. If this is truly 2017's "Tip Drill," he most certainly will.

Check out what Twitter had to say about all this below.

Here's one thing that's not up for debate -- it's great to hear YG and DJ Mustard working together again. YG's Just Re'd Up 3, which will be executive-produced by Mustard, is expected to be released later this year.