The Weeknd surprised everyone last month when, out of the blue, he dropped My Dear Melancholy,, a six track EP which styled itself as a return to the House of Balloons-style brooding R&B that made him famous in the first place. 

The EP did very well for The Weeknd, selling over 150k units in its first week alone, but six songs isn't enough to satisfy The Weeknd's fans, so it's only understandable that they'd be hungry for more.

Well, Abel might be teasing at just that. Yesterday, the Weeknd made a tweet so simple and lacking of context that one can't help but speculate its meaning. The tweet reads as follows, ","

No, you're not reading it wrong, it's just a comma. While this seems like it could just have been a simple accident, there are a couple of reasons why a comma could be more than just a simple typo.

For one, Abel isn't a mouthy guy on Twitter. He only has less than 3k tweets on his account, and when he does tweet he has the appearance of doing so with purpose. Second, the tweet hasn't been deleted, so either he really doesn't care about a typo, or it's meant to be there. Lastly, My Dear Melancholy, strangely includes a comma in the title, which could represent the first part of a longer sentence, which will perhaps be completed with a follow-up EP.

Until we get some other, perhaps wordier, announcement, we'll have to sit down and enjoy My Dear Melancholy,'s six tracks as they are.